Dragon Medical 360 | eScription from Nuance streamlines clinical documentation for the healthcare enterprise and is based on a simple premise: it is faster to edit than to type.

Dragon Medical 360 | eScription is the leading on-demand platform for computer aided medical transcription. With this solution, intelligent speech recognition software turns clinician dictations into formatted draft documents that medical transcriptionists quickly review and edit, often doubling productivity. Deployed enterprise-wide at healthcare organizations, the eScription solution is proven to improve turnaround time, increase productivity, and reduce costs of medical transcription, without interfering with clinician workflow. The product has received a Best in KLAS Award for seven consecutive years!

To learn more about Dragon Medical 360 | eScription, please visit Nuance at http://www.nuance.com/products/dragon-medical-360-escription/

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Best in KLAS Award, 2010

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